Raidcall communication software to communicate with friends.

Some of the most bad software quality and much lag.

Your support is a waste id: 8888, id 20 and 11.

The original Raidcall officiales places are:

We must also have Raidcall community that was most recognized by Cristian. Since the software is modified and altered to take you to your room, " There are many people who hate him. But give it a try.

We must also talk about the Chinese Raidcall.

Since the software is improved. There are not many bug.

The only bad thing is Adobe Flash. It can be used for bad things to bug.

Remove auto entry to the group

Delete file "raidcall_winzard" in: C:\RaidCall

Remove desktop file Raidcall

Make shortcut file to the desktop: raidcall.exe

Images of examples:

Example jpg 1

Example jpg 2

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